Random Gambia and Guinea Bissau Videos

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Lisa Landis in Gambia/Gineau Bissau

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Pirang School Warm Welcome

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Boy Drumming

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Good Shepherd Nursery School- Gambian National Anthem

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Canoe Trip to James island

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Gambia Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Greeting at Pirang Basic Cycle School

Nyamo puts more minutes on my phone.

Getting ready for the school drama presentation.Getting ready for drama presentation

A chicken walks into the performance.

Headmaster (principal) Mr. Daffeh in school garden

Students perform drama
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Halfway there!

Arrived at the Brussels Airport 2am Lancaster County time, 8am Brussels time with Liz Hess’ pictures for Guinea-Bissau in hand! Thankfully, they let me carry  them on the plane.  They have some cozy seats in the airport so I’m parked outside of the ubiquitous Starbucks catching up on work.  This may be the last time I have strong wireless for sometime.  In a few hours I will board a flight to Bajul, Gambia with arrival time around 1pm your time, 6pm Gambian time.  I hope to catch up with Fred  on The Get Up and Go Show before my flight and then I’ll talk to you live from West Africa hopefully later today!  Now off to find something to eat.  I’ll think I’ll head back to the small food market near my gate for some cheese.  (Only in a European airport would you find a store that sells super strong sumptuous stinky cheese!  Just my speed 🙂

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Lisa Landis delivering Lancaster artist Liz Hess paintings to Guinea-Bissau

Click here to read the story at EMM.org.

Here is a video of the art unveiling at The Liz Hess Gallery, Lancaster, PA

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Team up with WJTL & EMM to build a school in the village of Catel, Guinea-Bissau

WJTL is partnering with Eastern Mennonite Mission to build an elementary school for at least 300 children in Guinea-Bissau.  Providing a durable, permanent school building is the first step in addressing the village’s educational needs, boosting children’s self-esteem, combating poverty, and sharing the love of Christ.  $20  provides one sack of cement for the floor, $50 provides windows and doors, & $100 helps provide a corrugated metal roof.  Our goal is to raise 5-thousand dollars to help build the school.  The villagers will provide labor for the basic construction & some of the funds through the sale of their cashews.  Click here to visit EMM.org and be a part of this exciting project!  WJTL & EMM:  Together with Christ Transforming the World.   

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