Haiti Update

By now you have probably heard about the recent earthquake in Haiti. Some of WJTL’s friends have given us updates.

The Creation Festival and Pastor Harry Thomas have been part of New Missions and Hope Alive Clinic in Haiti for many years. Pastor Harry says, “I have heard from New Missions. Several buildings have been damaged and one school collapsed. Evidently one teacher died and there are more injuries.  I don’t have a report on our clinics at the moment (Hope Alive Clinics) except that they think they are OK and they will be sending medical supplies into the areas hit the hardest.”

WJTL’s Chris Strayer’s brother and sister-in-law are currently serving in Haiti with Joy In Hope – the parent organization for Haitian Children’s Home. Here’s what they have shared about the recent tragedy:

“I am sure everyone has heard the news by now that Haiti had a major earthquake yesterday afternoon. It was, without question, the scariest thing I have ever experienced. Everyone in our family/staff is fine…There’s a lot of damage in the area. Large buildings have crumbled into piles of rubble. People are scared. It’s an eery [sic] feeling. We continue to have aftershocks– some of them strong. We all slept outside last night, with all our staff and their families, and the boys from the boys home. We will know more soon now that the sun is up…Please keep us in your prayers.”


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