Bible League Goal Reached!

We have reached our goal of 5500 Bibles to Southeast Asian Believers! Thank you WJTL listeners! Actually, as of this writing, we are at 6948!

You can still call 1-800-YES-WORD if you want to be a part of putting new Bibles into the hands of Southeast Asian Believers or visit WJTL’s website and click on the Bible League Banner.

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Lisa Back from the DR, but we still need your help!

What an exhausting, yet fulfilling week with HOPE International in the Dominican Republic last week.  I came away with a better understanding of how microfinance works to help lift people out of poverty.  I also witnessed the smiles on the clients faces and the joy in their hearts from someone believing in them and giving them an opportunity to be creative and earn a living.  

Many of us take for granted the opportunity to earn a living.  So many creative, intelligent people are mired in poverty and are denied the right to earn a decent living often because they lack access to capital.  We hope you will  join us in helping the people of the Dominican Republic realize their dreams and experience the love of Jesus for maybe the first time.

We are working to fund a community bank of 40 borrowers who will keep each other accountable and help each other with work and loan pay back if needed.  We need just 100 people to give 50 dollars,  or 200 people to give 25 dollars.    For so little money people can start small businesses and have access to healthcare, literacy classes, education and the love of Christ! 

Join the WJTL/HOPE International Team by clicking here!!!

Thanks for your help!

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More Videos from the DR

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Lisa in the DR – Day 4

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Lisa in the DR – More Videos

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Lisa in the DR – Day 3

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Lisa Live from the DR

Check out these reports featuring Lisa Landis in the Dominican Republic with HOPE International:

Lisa talks with Jordan Nelson

Lisa Talks with Claire

Lisa and Maximo

For more audio clips, visit the WJTLcast page.

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Lisa in the DR – Day 2

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Lisa Live via Video Chat

Lisa and Claire broadcasting live via video chat with Fred!

lisa vid chat

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HOPE International Community Bank Meeting

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