Some Things Are Universal

Today I was in the bush. Literally. We traveled close to two hours away to a town called Masulita. This town has been severely affected from the Lord’s Resistance Army. Those affected from the LRA are now trying to rebuild and recover all that was lost.

We visited Project: UG-554, the Masulita Child Development Center. This project is only two months old and out of 220 children, 219 are still in need of sponsors.

(Enter WJTL & WDAC)

Coming in a little over a month is your opportunity to help sponsor ALL the children in this project. I was so excited to get to spend some time with the kids; blowing bubbles, singing songs and just hanging out with them. If you end up sponsoring one of these children I promise they will melt your heart! Like all of the other projects we’ve visited, we participated in a home visit. This specific one was to the home of Geoffrey.

Geoffrey lives with his brother and is raised by his mom. His mom is an extremely hard worker trying to make a living for her children. Geoffrey was extremely shy and barely said a word or made many facial expressions. However, on the way back to the project we were riding in a van and all the sudden Geoffrey got extremely animated.

Apparently he saw his friend up ahead, and his friend took a spill on his bicycle. (I can relate for those of you who know me…) Geoffrey’s face just lit up and he started laughing so hard. It was adorable. I guess some things do cross cultural barriers… falling is funny no matter where.


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